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1.Why Choose LED lighting 2.FAQ
3.LED Knowledge 4.LED energy-saving lamps on the detection of North American Points
5.Safety lamps commonly used in reference 6.LED color temperature standard of basic knowledge and instructions ROHs
7.LED Tube Support

The face of the rapid development of LED industry, the Shenzhen LED Lighting industrial Co., Ltd. will continue to cells persist in reform and innovation, high quality full-service, continue to meet customer needs, enhance the company's effort to build the brand, will create grid Shenzhen LED lighting industrial Co., Ltd. into administration decision science, philosophy advanced LED industry leading companies.

     The company will continue grasping people, courtesy, loyalty, hard work, innovative business ideas for the purpose. Lay the brand strategy services to clients.

     People: people-oriented, build customer and the company's win-win situation.

     Courtesy: The Goodwill and courteous service as the highest guiding principle for enterprises to improve the overall image.

     Loyalty: to stimulate the staff of the centripetal force, the establishment of the spirit of the service team.

     Efforts to: strengthen the staff's job at school to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.

     Innovation: to follow the requirements of users and the market changes and continuously improve the product level


 Grid created purpose: to create value for customers, creating opportunities for employees, creating benefits for the community!

 Grid creation spirit: innovation, passion, diligence, good faith!

 Grid creation strategy: to make the best product, provide the best service to create the best team!

 Cells create a slogan: credit, good quality, good service, fair prices, step by step!

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