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         Industry News
Shortage "to stimulate industry, the brightest LED gamble trillion capital market

LED lighting is incandescent, fluorescent lighting, after the third revolution, which have obvious advantages in energy conservation. The current total global electricity for lighting accounts for 19% of electricity consumption, efficient use of existing LED lighting solutions can save at least 40% of energy consumption, less emission of 555 million tons per year of carbon dioxide. Experts assert that the future of LED lighting market will reach one trillion yuan total.
Because of this, China has the LED light source technology in urban lighting, urban landscape, traffic lighting and residential lighting engineering as a major energy-saving technology to promote the special, as a "five-second" emerging strategic industries. Meanwhile, China as the world's second largest economy, the huge market demand also contributed to the rapid development of LED industry.

        According to reports, the lack of national standards, there is cut-throat competition, making the LED light only through lower prices for the market. Industry estimates, this year the LED market will be big reshuffle: "It is estimated at least half of the LED light plant will close down."

        Now increasingly serious "shortage" phenomenon stimulated the brightest capital rush into the LED industry, mergers and acquisitions is the peak LED. It is understood that the shortage could lead to a surge demand for LED, LED trigger investment boom, and the brightest will be fresh capital over one trillion yuan this emerging market sector.

        Capital investment in the LED industry gamble rapid warming

It is understood that Chinese companies invest in the rapid heating of the LED. In 2010, only the amount of investment plans of listed companies on the LED more than 300 billion yuan. Of these, only three optical planned investment of more than 200 billion yuan; BDO ​​Runda has announced that 4.1 billion yuan to invest in LED; Zhejiang Sunshine reported in mid-2010, LED within the next three years will total $ 1 billion yuan invested. In addition, Huizhou, Career, BYD, and a number of over 10 billion light heavyweight projects have been launched, a total investment of 60 billion Lei Chau Taiwan LED chip giant projects such as settled, indicates the domestic LED industry is about to meet to a new round blowout.

        After entering the capital in 2011 still did not stop the operation, May 21, BDO Runda announcements of listed companies, fund-raising 3.5 billion yuan perfect LED industry chain. The May 25, just backdoor wide on Guangzhou Iron and Steel Group shares, but also the announcement "reminded" investors, the company is investing in new industries LED, and receive good benefits. This is just rounded out the LED's capital "tip of the iceberg." 2010, listed company announcements into the LED industry for more than 30 billion yuan of capital, more investment in unlisted companies are not disclosed.

         Guangdong ranks first in the LED industry

        According to the Guangdong Provincial Commission by letter to concerned parties, LED, Guangdong Province, was listed as one of the three major emerging strategic industries, by 2012, LED industry reached 120 billion yuan. In the "five-second" period, a total of 3 million to promote the application of outdoor LED lighting, 30 million indoor LED lighting, urban lighting to achieve energy-saving target of 20%.

Statistics show that in 2010 the LED industry, Guangdong Province, 85.3 billion yuan industrial output value, and LED lighting industry in the country over 150 billion yuan output value. Expected that in 2015, LED lighting market share in China will reach 20%, contributing to industrial scale up to 5,000 billion yuan, China will enter the LED lighting market in the world top three.

        It is understood that the Guangdong semiconductor lighting (LED) industry ranks first in the country, as China's LED production province of Guangdong in the "five" period will continue to vigorously support the development of LED industry. According to "Guangdong LED Industry Development Plan (2010-2015) draft," Guangdong LED industry in 2012 will reach 120 billion yuan, formed over hundreds of billions of annual output value of industry groups, fostering production value over 10 billion more than 20 companies. By 2015, LED industry scale exceeded 3,000 billion yuan, basically the establishment of business-oriented, market-oriented innovation system integrating production and research to build the world's largest LED packaging production centers and application base. [OFweek semiconductor lighting network Roundup]

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